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The Smile Artists

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Move over crooked teeth! With the world’s most advanced clear aligners Dr. Assudani and her team at The Smile Artists in Culver City, California will set you on the right path to achieve that smile you always wanted without the inconvenience of metal braces. Invisalign® clear trays are made to fit over your teeth and move them straight. Now, we can even speed up the time to complete the treatment with an easy option called Acceledent®.


Invisalign Q & A

The Smile Artists

What does Invisalign do?

Invisalign provides an attractive alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments like metal braces. It is a revolutionary new way to straighten teeth. This treatment uses clear, plastic aligners that fit over your teeth to gradually align them over time. Patient compliance is the key to success for this treatment! Aligners are to be worn 22 hrs per day only to be removed for eating and brushing and flossing thereafter. 

Why choose Invisalign over braces?

Invisalign is an increasingly popular means to fix poorly aligned teeth, especially among adults, due to its ease of use and comfort. Invisalign offers the following benefits over braces or other traditional orthodontic approaches: 

Invisibility: people never see a mouthful of metal, they see your real teeth 
Comfort: the smooth plastic reduces the risk of mouth irritation caused by sharp metal braces 
Timing: Invisalign treatments work up to 50% faster than other orthodontic techniques 
Convenience: Best part is no restrictions on eating unlike metal braces and ease of home care for your teeth so you can maintain the health of your gums and teeth while they get straight! Win-Win!! 

Should I get Invisalign?

Invisalign can effectively fix mild to moderate dental misalignments, such as: 

Overcrowded/protruding teeth 
Deep or open bite 
Spaces between teeth 
Rotated teeth 
Relapse after braces 
If you have major orthodontic and alignment issues, your dentist may recommend a different treatment. To see whether Invisalign is the best option for you, visit The Smile Artists for a consultation. 

What is involved in Invisalign treatment?

First, Dr. Assudani examines your teeth to determine whether Invisalign is right for you. Once you are on board she uses a digital scanning device to create 3D images. We then send these to Invisalign lab, where they use these 3D models of your teeth to develop a unique treatment plan called “clin-chk” for you. Once approved by Dr. Assudani, your aligners are custom made for you in the Invisalign lab. 

At your next appointment Dr. Assudani may place some attachments on your teeth and you receive your first set of clear aligners. The aligners gently move your teeth into ideal alignment while you wear them, switching aligners every 1-2 weeks. This process continues until your smile is just right. 

Your dentist also offers accelerated Invisalign if you want your teeth straighter faster. Discuss this accelerated program with your dentist on your first visit to learn which treatment plan is best for you. 

Talk to your dentist if you want to straighten your teeth without painful, unsightly braces by calling The Smile Artists or booking an appointment online today. With this amazing limited time offer its more affordable than you think!!! Your smile is waiting lets get started!