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Whitening! Whitening! Whitening!

Before and after results of in office 90 min of Zoom whitening

There a several different types professional whitenings out there. The Smile Artists offers two professional in-office whitening treatments, and few take home options as well. For any whitening sessions: professional, take home or over the counter it is imperative that you have been cleared of any existing conditions that can be made worse by whitening agents. Generally, whitening agents are not harmful to healthy teeth, but if you have for example, a cavity, it can flare up symptoms of the cavity.

Let’s start with the most effective in-office professional whitening - ZOOM Whitening. Zoom whitening involves a white light that speeds up and activates the tooth whitening agent in a 90 min appointment. You can expect the most difference and the best whitening results all in one appointment. Zoom whitening may or may not cause tooth sensitivity, so if you know your teeth are sensitive you may want to start with the BOOST whitening.

Boost whitening works by absorption and it takes a 1-hour visit. The boost is not as affective as Zoom whitening but it is a great option for sensitivity and also if you just want a “boost” to your previously treated Zoom whitening procedure. Both are affective in office professional whitening treatments but come visit The Smile Artists to see which best suits your needs! Lastly, the perks of Boost whitening is it costs less.

Lastly the take home options! First is the Professional Custom Take Home trays that are custom fit to your teeth and you can can use any time at home. You can purchase refill syringes of the whitening agent you place in the tray and then place into your mouth for about an hour. Repeat the process for 5-10 days depending on how white you would like your teeth. Take home options do take longer to achieve results as you may need to do the whitening process for several days.

Our last option is non-custom tray option. You could try an inexpensive 10 pack-Non-custom Boost Take Home Trays. These trays fit on to your teeth and you would wear them for 1-hour. Depending on how white you want your teeth to be-you can do this for one day to up to ten days. Both take home trays can be used to revamp any of the in-office treatments previously done. To give you ultimate whitening maintenance or use either of them sperately.

Over time, depending on your eating habits, it is inevitable that your teeth with stain and your smile needs a little touch up! Feel free to reach out to our team for any questions about all of our teeth whitening options!

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